Who We Are

We believe you shouldn’t have to censor yourself in therapy. We offer a comforting, supportive, and non-judgemental therapeutic environment to talk about any life stressors. And we believe you deserve a provider who just gets it and who has the knowledge and experience to integrate all the nuances into a relevant plan. 


Treatment Focus

This isn’t your typically friend chat. You will work with a state board clinician who will offer you real solutions using research backed interventions. We offer customized action plans that will give you the tools to transform your life. 

Client Promise

If you commit to doing the work, you can expect to gain a new perspective learn new skills, and rid yourself of whatever is preventing you from living your best, purposed- filled life. We will make sure to keep you focused on resolving the issues you came in to deal with. 

Online Therapy Resources

Mental Health and Wellness Resources

Please click below for a list of organizations that offer mental health services and support.

Upcoming Groups and Workshops

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